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Monday, 3 February 2014

Babies with Moustaches (and crocheted booties)

Crocheted booties (pattern by Quartered Heart)
 As I type this, my four year old is busily arranging a photo shoot of all her toys wearing moustaches. Who would have guessed how much fun an investment of one pound at Poundland can buy you...

We decided on the French style `tache for Charlotte's contribution to the Babies with Moustaches photo challenge. Scroll down, and you will see I didn't escape, either. Not sure what message to take from the fact the four year old gave me the Chinese Emperor one to wear. Still, I might yet keep it on for the school run to bring amusement/embarrassment to the other mums and my daughters later on.

Here are my latest crochet makes - booties! I was so chuffed when I successfully made the first one that I emailed Sam from Betsy Makes to tell her. (I think she understood my glee more than my husband when I waved it under his nose.)

Here is Charlotte modelling her latest footwear. Delightedly, it has passed the wriggle test, as she kept them on for an entire afternoon. If I tell you that socks and many other booties we've tried in the past have lasted about thirty seconds, you'll know why this latest pair please me so much.

So happy was I that I made another two pairs. I am sure Sam (and plenty of other crafty people reading this) will relate to that, too. I found the pattern nice and easy to follow - once I converted it into English terms - and simplified it by stopping after row 11 and making them into Mary Jane style booties.

And finally, a couple of pictures the four year old has taken and requested I put on here. Her rates are very reasonable and (as you can probably tell), I would be grateful to be freed from the role of being her subject, should you need a photographer for the afternoon.


  1. Those are adorable! I need to learn to sew so I can put snap buttons on my shoes! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks again for the pattern - I'll no doubt be making more of these before too long, as I have a couple of friends with babies on the way. X