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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Jolly the Giraffe

Jolly the Giraffe - pattern from Crafty Creatures by Jane Bull
Remember the lovely purple dress I took the scissors to so I could use it to back my chevron crochet cushion?

I am still making things out of the dress scraps, and, this time it is something to give back to the original wearer.

Mum has just been up for the week, on `Grandma duty', while my back recovers after surgery (am now into the sixth and final week of not picking up Charlotte - hurray!). It has been lovely (having Mum here, that is - not picking up your own baby is as frustrating as you would imagine it to be).

We made quite a few things between us - some finished projects which I'll post about in time, and others that are still works in progress. This giraffe was one of several things from a book Mum bought with her - Crafty Creatures, by Jane Bull. I can definitely recommend it.

No prizes for guessing where the pictures were taken. Well, it would have been rude to let Mum go home without at least one trip to my favourite place for cake, wouldn't it?

And while we tucked into our treats, Charlotte chewed her way through each of her giraffe's limbs. Very soggy. But she most definitely likes her new toy - and so gone is any guilt I may have had about cutting up her beautiful little dress. It is bringing her more pleasure this way than if I had kept it in a box for her to bring out and glance at when she is grown up.

And that is all I have time to say today. Soon the girls will come bouncing home from school, and the chaos begins again. Yesterday, inspired by the book Mum gave us, we started making three little ponies. On a whim. I think our house is a mad house. Most parents in their right mind do not decide to embark on a crafty project after school just because their children have spotted something that `might be nice to make'. But, dinner was in the oven (my new favourite lazy but surprisingly healthy dinner of roast chicken and jacket potatoes), and all was calm. More about that when we have something finished to show you...

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