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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Competition Winner

Why do I feel like I am back at school, sheepishly handing in some very late home work?

Sorry this has been so slow in coming.

Being a small, cosy type of affair, I haven't even attempted to work out how to do the clever computer generated pick a winner thing on here. I appointed the biggest girl to organise the competition draw for me (got to fill those grey January afternoons somehow), and here is what she came up with.

It was so long ago, that even Joanne has probably forgotten what she'd written on her entry in the Christmas wish competition - she wished for a mountain of fabric ready for plenty of new year makes. I hope she got it!

My current makes are still yarn based, and happening on the sofa, with the TV and fire on.

Now the postman has been, and provided the necessary second ball of wool needed to complete this project, I might be able to send Sang her Christmas present soon. That isn't as bad as it sounds. Honest. We made an agreement that this year's knitting swap was going to be a January gift.

And the purple wool is another ball of the magic colour changing stuff from Black Sheep Wools, only this time I knew to wind it into a ball before starting knitting with it.

Bye for now!

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