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Friday, 17 January 2014

What does this colour remind you of?

Drover Wristwarmers (Sarah Hatton Knits) using Rowan alpaca yarn
I attracted some odd looks from passing school children as I knelt at my front step to take this picture. But the Victorian tiles make a nicer background than the living room carpet, and so, for the sake of keeping this blog looking all pretty and nice, I am willing to become known by some on the street as the Slightly Strange Lady who takes pictures of stuff. 

I have also made a special effort on the nails, knowing they'd be on show as I modelled this latest make. In real life I cannot be bothered with keeping my nails looking pristine. Who really manages to keep beautifully polished nails, I ask you. Not those of us who do the washing up and prise apart teeny tiny parts of Lego on a daily basis. Any pretty nails I paint quickly become a chipped source of annoyance to me. 

The alpaca yarn I used on these wrist warmers is just about the softest I have ever touched. 

But these cosy wrist warmers are not meant for me. They are for my friend Sang as part of our now annual knitting challenge. We'd agreed to try cabling this time round, and thought wrist warmers (rather than gloves) would be easy enough for us to do. 

The only surprise in store for either of us on the exchange is the choice of wool. 

I chose the wool for its lovely texture and colour. Now I have actually knitted the darned things, I am not sure if she is going to like it. But I do. Even though the colour distinctly reminds me of Charlotte's nappies before she switched onto proper food. Being my oldest and best friend in the world, Sang will be honest with me and let me have them back and knit her a different pair if she is not keen, so it is win win either way for me. Perhaps I'll miss out telling her the bit about them matching Charlotte's nappies when I send them to her. 

I think the next make is going to be another bobble hat. The middle girl is the only one not to have a mummy made bobble hat, and as she has requested one, who am I to refuse something like that for my favourite five year old (given how much I like both the making process and then seeing it on the child). Selflessness personified, that's me.

She is currently enjoying tormenting her daddy with regular mentions of her boyfriend, who, she says, she loves more than daddy and plans to marry. The middle girl and John Henry love each other lots and have therefore decided they are going to marry each other, apparently. Her poor father is finding all this impossible to take, even though he knows she knows he finds it impossible to take and that he knows this makes her put on her `I am in love' tone of voice and say it all the more (whilst grinning at him).

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  1. Good to hear romance is in the air!! Love the wrist warmers, I like the colour too. I'm sure your friend will. Sam xx