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Friday, 10 January 2014

Bobble hats

I have been knitting whilst on the sofa. Here's the first two things I have made - bobble hats. And, if I do say it myself, they are pretty damn cute.

Extra helpings of Smug Cake after making these hats, as I invented the pattern all by myself. That is, entirely all on my own with no help from Knitting Grandma or the internet.

this is the wool
The wool is super duper soft, and the clever kind that changes colour all on its own. A ball of wool with magical powers, then.

I bought it from Black Sheep Wools - and they still have some in the clearance section. My sheer fluke, the skein I bought was exactly enough to make bobble hats for my youngest girls.

The ball put me in mind of this favourite book from my childhood.

I am so glad my mum kept this book - along with a few other Ladybird classics I used to enjoy, as my little girls really like these stories.

And, being a novice knitter, who had never before bought a twisted skein of wool before, I was clueless about needing to wind it into a ball before starting to knit. The mess that happened was not too dissimilar to that underneath the table after the naughty kittens had been at their mother's wool, and it took me ages to undo the knots.

The second hat was less of an instant success on the size front, and needed a bit of shirring elastic carefully sewing into the inside to stop it falling over the littlest biggest girl's eyes. But she loves it now, as shown by the fact she continued to wear it throughout her drawing session.

Although she hasn't come out and said it in so many words, I am in no doubt that she would prefer it if the smaller version was donated to her teddy.

Fat chance, darling.


  1. I love their colors, expecially the colors of the first one (from pink to green... lovely!).
    Uh, and those pompoms, too!!! :)

  2. Gorgeous colours. And, yes, shirring elastic is a very useful tool for all sorts of things!