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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hello, Mr. Postman!

Wednesday in our house is bin day. That usually means me remembering it is bin day as I hear the lorry approaching outside, and doing a comedy dash to get the bins out, still in my dressing gown and slippers. 

Wednesday is now also now my Graze box day.

Nothing to do with sheep grazing in meadows - think little box of unusual edible treats that pops neatly through the letterbox each week. This is my latest treat to myself. Just because I like getting things in the post.

There is one problem. The littlest girl was in the house the first time this box arrived. I made the mistake of opening it in front of her, and now she knows the boxes contain something very appealing to her. And expects a lion share of it, should she catch sight of one.

Yes, I know I am trying to instil values such as sharing into my children... just not me sharing my secret stash of treats. (Same also applies to any fancy boxes of chocolates I am given and hide at the back of the fridge.)

There is only one thing nicer than things containing food in the post. And that is parcels with fabric. Ready for some eye candy?

U-Handbag has been a favourite shopping place of mine for a long time now. Lisa Lam's blog was the first crafty one that I started reading. I used one of her free tutorials to make my first ever bag about five years ago.

And it is another of her tutorials - the Fondant Fancy Purse - that I plan to use for these lovely little frames which I bought from her internet shop.

I think the finished purses will make nice presents, and I've already got different people in mind that I have chosen these fabrics and frames for.

The fabrics are also from U-Handbag - a selection of beautiful Japanese linen prints. I think they make a gorgeous combination with the brightly coloured bobbles on the frames.

And, just like the Graze boxes, the littlest girl was equally eager to examine (and play with) the contents of the big white parcel, so I can vouch for their robustness, too.

She thoroughly enjoyed playing about with my fabric samples and experimenting with different combinations of them - watch this space, she'll be a bag designer when she's bigger!

If you're tempted to order your own treats to be delivered by your postie, then you can get 10% off at U-Handbag with the code MD10, and 3 free Graze boxes by using my friend code of JANETL64B. Enjoy!

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