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Friday, 11 October 2013

Fondant Fancy Purses

Fondant Fancy Purse pattern  and frame from U-Handbag
I am so chuffed with the first two of my little purses that I couldn't resist posting some pictures for you to see, before sewing up the other three.

I have had fun making them - and were it not for the fact the shop is currently out of stock of the frames, I'd be ordering more straight away.

This was the first purse - and, took longer than anticipated to make. The minimal amounts of cutting out and machine sewing was so easy that I was teased into thinking I'd be finishing all five purses in an evening.

And then came the tricky task of hand stitching the purse into the frame. After sewing the first side, it became apparent that the purse I'd sewn was just not going to fit the frame, despite it being a pattern designed for this specific frame.

I'm a big fan of Lisa Lam's bag patterns, and have picked up loads of knowledge from her excellent instructions. This particular pattern, although published on her web site, was designed by her assistant. I hate to criticise and sound ungrateful for a freebie, but it just doesn't work - and any attempts to make the purse following the markings on the pattern will result in frustrating amounts of unpicking and frayed fabric, however carefully you sew.

After some simple adjustments to the pattern prior to sewing - I shifted the markings down by a thumb's width (that well known accurate measuring tool!) - and the second purse fitted a treat. Those wanting a more reliable measuring point, you need to have your mark 4 cm up from the stitched bottom corners.

After quite a long blip from my own sewing, this project has been the one to grab me and get me excited about making things all over again. I love the way the finished purses look and cannot wait to pop them in the post to a couple of unsuspecting friends (aren't unexpected parcels in the post the best?) and get on with making the next three.

I'm quite pleased the hubby is out for the evening tonight, as it means I can spend it sewing!

But for now, time to drink a huge mug of tea and enjoy bagel and jam before the baby (who is currently sleeping in her pram post the school run) wakes up ravenously hungry.

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