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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A dedicated follower of fashion (she is not)

Flamingo skirt and Nellie the Elephant Tee

I am shattered.

Today has been a good day, don't get me wrong. But I feel like I have squeezed every drop of energy I have into a whole manner of things that happen in a busy household with four children in it. And, now that they are all in bed, I am enjoying the luxury of the sofa to myself, a huge mug of hot tea, and peace and quiet. Hurrah for peace and quiet, eh?

And double hurrah - husband has just called to say he is on his way home from work and collecting a take away order from our local Indian restaurant.

My reason for writing is partly for my own benefit. It has been a frustrating half hour getting them to bed - largely due to the middle girl. I have moments when I wonder whether she is actually deaf, rather than plain naughty and unwilling to do the most simple of tasks like putting her clothes away without being asked a gazillion times.

The photo above is a reminder to myself of her glorious nature.

It was taken at the weekend. In it, she (and her little sister) are sweeping up leaves from the front step. It's the first time they'd ever done it, and they went about it like it was the best game I had ever devised for them.

Just behind me, as I was taking the picture, the eldest girl was hoovering. Hoovering! This happened as a result of me making a throw away comment about the new little vacuum cleaner I'd bought (on account of my back being bad) being so light that they (the girls) could probably even manage to use it. It was not long after that all three started badgering me to let them use it. I lavished them with praise and thanked them for being so helpful, and they have asked a few more times if they could do some hoovering for me. Please, please, please let this last, I say to myself. (It's okay to have your children doing housework, right?)

But back to the middle girl. Here she is, our very own Cinderella, sporting her own unique combination of clothing. This picture is evidence if ever it was needed that making your children's clothes will not necessarily work out with them looking as coordinated as you may have intended. I am not sure what went through her mind as she chose her clothes. An animal theme, I think. Definitely not inspired by colours or patterns that go together. I have long given up trying to influence her choice of combination of clothing. I try and be happy with the fact that she is actually dressed (and not dancing around the landing in just a pair of knickers).

Whatever else can be said of the middle girl, she is joyful.

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  1. If you can't wear clothes that clash when you're 5 then when can you, I say. I love the way they really don't care about this stuff at that age. If they like it, they just wear it. Even if that means wearing all their clothes at once!