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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wondering where the time goes

I often get to the end of the week and wonder where the time has gone and what on earth I have done with it. In my head, it is mostly sucked up with washing up, laundry, changing nappies, feeding the baby, making packed lunches, wiping down work tops, nagging the girls to pick up their things, walking backwards and forwards to school... you get the idea.

It's only flicking through the photos I have taken in the last week that I realise it was a pretty productive one the creative front. (In case you were wondering, yes, not much more than a slice of toast gets buttered around here without a picture being taken. He, he.)

There were the makes that happened with the girls. Like a robot costume (cardboard box covered in foil and smothered in random stuff from their art cupboard) and a tree outfit (brown leggings and cardigan with leaf shapes loosely sewn on) for the school disco. Oh, and sparkly chocolate cakes.

the big knit 
And the (very random) makes that happened alongside the girls as they got on with things they wanted to do. Like bobble hats for drinks bottles. And super hero capes to take to parties.

The other makes needed more time, and mainly happened after the girls were in bed.

The Fondant Fancy purses were the first things to be finished.

One was a birthday present to my niece, and the final hand sewing was finished in the car on the way to see her, so no picture of that one. Nothing like cutting it fine. But here's how the rest looked.

As I am forced to admit I do not need all these little purses in my life (much as I love the frames and Japanese fabric), these are all destined to be presents.

Wrapping on a budget - tissue paper (10p from art shop), pack of purple trims (£1 from Poundland)
When I have enough time, I love giving people home made presents. I enjoy choosing things that I think suit them, and I like thinking about them as I make their gift. But, when time is limited, much of this pleasure can turn into stress, silly mistakes and then general grouchiness on my part. That's why my Christmas making list is now always tiny - just one thing for each of my own girls and nothing else.

But birthdays - well, they are spread out, aren't they?

That said, I like having a few quick to make projects up my sleeve for when a run of children's party invitations come flooding home from school. The super hero cape made its way to a little boy who loves dressing up and jumping off sofas. And the covered notebook was coupled up with a pack of felt pens for the biggest girl to give to a friend. She and her friends have hit an age where stationary is a welcome thing, and so this quick make will no doubt be repeated a few more times.

I'd first made some covered notebooks at the start of the summer - in a not very subtle bid to encourage a bit of writing to go on. It worked. Sort of. I'd love to boast that the books were filled with miniature novels by the end of the summer, but alas, the novelty was short lived. They all still use these books for drawing in, though. I'm glad they have them, as they are more likely to survive the regular rounds of clear ups and recycling than scrappy bits of paper.

This week, it seems everyone in the household is tired and ready for half term. (Well, maybe except for baby Charlotte. How can someone who sleeps most of the day and night possibly be tired, huh?) Judging by the amount of shouting, growling and races down the stairs to be the first to tell tales after a squeal is heard from the girls' bedroom that all happens several times an hour (oh I wish I was exaggerating), they are in need of some rest after a busy couple of months at school.

I know (or, I hope) that once half term starts, and they have had a couple of days of doing not a lot, calm will be restored. They will be nice children again, and not just the temporary angels their teachers see each day. Until then, I am going to have a good sneaky flick through their notebooks and remind myself that they aren't really imps. 


  1. The super hero cape was a huge hit and was the most marvelous present - homemade and personal - it was just delightful and my little superhero has worn it to school, to the shops, to his grandparents so that they could see it and even to bed. A homemade present is definately a present to treasure :-)

  2. Sounds like the cape went down really well & those fondant fancy purses - oh my! You're such a talented thing. I absolutely love all the writing and pictures in the girls notebooks - there is something so endearing about children's writing. I've started my xmas crafty makes - oh I wish I'd been sensible enough to just decide on one make for my child! Silly me.
    Also, keep an eye on my blog over the next week - I'm going to be running a giveaway and I think the prize is right up your street! :-) xxx