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Saturday, 28 September 2013

What happened to the second sock?

I have had cold feet all week. This jogged my memory to think about the sock I knitted around a year ago. Probably prompted by cold feet. You can read all about it here if you're vaguely interested.

What happened to the second sock would make an excellent metaphor and base of a sermon or assembly, if I was in a position to need to write either one. Luckily for my former students, I'm no longer in a position where I have to think of something to inspire/bore them with each week. My girls get the luxury of my wisdom imparted to them in little regular bite sized chunks. Lucky little ladies, I know.

Here is the second sock. I picked up my needles a few days ago and inspected the pattern to see how much more I need to knit. A lot. In fact, the journey to the heel is going to be long and slow, if current progress of a couple of rows a day is anything to go by.

Just as well the hubby and the girls bought me some slippers when they went into town today. Now my feet are toasty.

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