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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Tulip Skirt

Ta dah!

A quick post to show off my finished skirt. This is the only picture you're getting, as it was a quick self-timer shot, taken on the day I wore the skirt and you really don't need to see my awkward looking face.

As for the skirt - I like it! The fabric was from John Lewis - bought on a whim just because I liked it so much and knew I would like an item of clothing made out of it. I think it is most definitely a statement skirt - the colours are so vibrant and happy that I reckon if skirts had the power to influence the weather outside and the mood people are in, then this would be the one to do it.

The pattern - Megan Neilson's Kelly skirt - is now a firm favourite of mine. Being made up of rectangles, it is easy to cut out, and it sews up nicely, too. The shape is one that I think would flatter most people, and the pockets - well, they are nice and big and perfect for stuffing cold hands into or keys as I dash out to do the school run.

Ah, actually, less dashing and more gentle shuffling. I woke up last weekend with crippling back pain, and it has stayed with me. Classic sciatica, I am told. If you happen to come across someone with it, be extra nice to them. I would rather give birth than lie awake with a leg that feels like it is about to explode, which is the best way I can describe it. I'm hoping the drugs will start working properly soon. Until then, I am feeling grateful for my friends and family, who are all being extra nice to me.

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  1. Absolutely Gorgeous skirt! I noticed it on you at WI the other night, but didn't get a chance to say how lovely it is. Great job! I really feel for you with your poor back :-( not fun...I hope those pills are working now xxxx