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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Grandma's knits

10 weeks today
The weather outside is miserable today. 

I am not going to even attempt to pretend that today's post is anything other than a collection of photos of Charlotte - vaguely under the guise of showing off a lovely little cardigan and hat my mum knitted for her. 

And here is the pattern link for the Rose Field Baby Blanket that Katy made for Charlotte. When I was walking her about in the pram this morning, the blanket got as much attention as the baby under it. It is so soft and gorgeous - and now I've glanced over the pattern, it has become even more clear to me just how much love went into making it. 

She is ten weeks old today - how time flies!

See those cheeks?

Squeezable and very kissable.

And the thumb sucking gets me every time. Too cute.

And there is a mutual love affair starting between her and her three big sisters, as they exchange smiles. (Please don't start crawling and grabbing their toys too soon, Charlotte...)

Oh go on then. Just one more picture...


  1. Gah! She's so cute!

    And the cardigan and hat are lovely too. ;)

  2. Aww your baby is so cute. Could you please tell me which pattern your mum used for the hat and cardigan, as I would love to make them. Lynn x

  3. My mum is coming to stay tomorrow, so I'll ask her then. I have a feeling they are both ancient patterns she has fished out from her stash - and the wool is that clever self striping kind, and super soft with it. I'll post details if she has any that can be accessed online. X

  4. Aww she is just such a gorgeous ickle thing - totally adorable! And stunning knits - your mum is a clever stick :-) xxxx