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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Beware of the pregnant women

It is best not to approach pregnant women in hot weather - especially if they are overdue and you are about to make a comment about how hot it is.

Assume they will be irritable, and just hand them a nice cold can of Diet Coke.

I could go on and provide an extensive list of all the things people have said that have annoyed me. But I fear I will do myself no favours, and just sound irritable. People are just trying to be nice. I know this. Tennis is a very good topic of conversation, in case you were wondering (wasn't it just brilliant?!).

Once I have my feet up on the sofa, having got the girls to school on time and put all the annoyances associated with that task on a day when it has not gone smoothly behind me, I know I am still very much in the lucky club. I hope that the baby hurries up and arrives soon though - before I alienate myself from all the well meaning mums on the school run who have the misfortune of bumping into me before I have had chance to regain a healthy sense of perspective on life.

What you see before you is what I have been doing whilst putting my feet up. This is the book I mentioned my lovely friend and Queen of Crochet, Iciar, had given me as a house warming present.

Here's my first ever attempt at blocking squares together, all ready to be turned into the front of a cushion. Not too shabby, I think.

I think my plan is going to be to do one big square for the back of the cushion - just in one plain colour. The book is pretty good for instructions - I have managed to teach myself some new stitches, and am hoping the end result of the cushion back will look okay, too. There's still quite a long way to go on the back, as I am winging it by just doing extra rounds of the pattern until the square matches the blocked front in size.

Question is, will I finish it before the baby is born?

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