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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A whole day to myself

Definition of bliss: eating warm rhubarb crumble and ice cream alone
So we are playing the waiting for baby game.

Our official due date was yesterday. Cue plenty of comments of "Not had it yet, then?" and "Still here!" every time I leave the house. As it goes, there have been lots of lovely compliments coming my way about how good I am looking for this stage in pregnancy. At this rate, my ego will be in cahoots with the baby and tell her to stay put a bit longer. People are being so nice.

I am pleased to say that baby has started behaving at night again. More or less. I slept beautifully well last night. Such a simple thing, and makes all the difference to how you feel.

Progress so far on cushion squares
Yesterday, I ventured to John Lewis for more wool. I figured it is probably one of the best shops to be looked after in should I have had a dramatic Hollywood style waters bursting in public and baby being born ten minutes later.

Any ideas on what I should do with my new wool?
That didn't happen. But there was a sale on, and so a few extra balls of wool slipped into my basket, along with this nice mug. A possible contender for a new favourite tea mug. I'll let you know how it holds up, and whether I like the way my tea tastes out of it. Weird but true. You can't place too high an importance on the right mug for your tea, not to mention good biscuits and what constitutes the perfect shade for tea to be. But that is a whole other post.

Littlest girl sometimes rather confusedly thinks the Queen has been named after her... and even when this is cleared up, is still delighted they share the same name - almost taking it as a personal compliment to herself.
I am a lucky heavily pregnant lady today, as I have been landed with the whole of it to myself. Thanks to children at school, and the littlest girl being invited to play with a friend this afternoon.

I am soaking up the free time. This morning included making a rhubarb crumble (plus a little secret bonus one for me to enjoy during my peaceful lunchtime); ironing a dozen shirts whilst watching rubbish on TV (day time TV seems more tolerable if ironing and you get to feel virtuous at the end); cleaning the tadpole bowl (don't even ask how I have ended up responsible for half a dozen little frogs, but the children - and their Daddy - are excited by them); a long conversation with a utility company setting up all house move stuff, and, now, refilling my nice new mug before settling down to crochet and then Wimbledon. Come on, Andy!

Too much information?

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