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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Disco dancing baby

Okay, so I spoke too soon.

Made by Amanda
I was woken up at around 3 am last night by what can only be described as a baby trying to disco dance its way out of me. Is this it, I wondered.

After a good twenty minutes of trying to get back to sleep, I gave in and plodded downstairs to watch TV. Clearly the baby does not want me lying down, I thought.

Just as well the Wimbledon highlights were on to keep me entertained.

So still no baby. Not that I am wishing the time away. Although, keep up the Saturday Night Fever act and I might serve an eviction notice. But not until the husband is safely back from a wedding reception in London for the night. Now would be a bad time for the baby to come.

So I am spending my evening in a very sedate way, on the sofa, doing a bit of crochet. I am up to my tenth square out of sixteen for the front of a cushion for the front room. I've decided to make all the blocks the same - mainly because that was the easiest decision to take. Although I am about to run out of the green wool and will need to head back to John Lewis for more if I am to complete the cushion. Will I finish it before the baby is born, I wonder? Oh the drama.

Wouldn't it be convenient to have a bit of predictability about when babies might arrive?!

A bit more waiting means I will be more rested, baby will hopefully have chance to fatten up nicely (I do love a good pair of wobbly squeezable baby thighs), and I can continue to enjoy doing some of the things I'll be unlikely to have time for a while once baby does appear.

If baby does take a while longer to appear, I will buy extra wool on top of that needed for the cushion, and try making my own versions of the gorgeous little hat and booties given to me by my friend Amanda. Aren't they lovely?

This week, the littlest girl was invited to her first birthday parties in her own right. Cue a couple of birthday t shirts from me, and excited talk from her about party bags and sweeties.

I've enjoyed doing some baking and getting friends round to share the results...

Vintage tea set given to me by the lovely Mrs B
A shamelessly proud parent moment, but look at this lovely picture that came home from school from the eldest girl. I wasted no time in sticking it in a frame and putting it on the wall.

Having my children's artwork throughout the house makes me happy.

That is all for now. I might finish square eleven and then head to bed...

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