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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Testing the tea mug with some lemon cake

Just how many slices of cake should you limit yourself to in a day, I wonder?

I am currently enjoying my second slice of lemon cake over that blissful post bedtime mug of tea and some TV. I'm not admitting to how many other baked goodies I have sampled over the course of the day, but there are some clues in the pictures that follow.

There are certain things a household should never run out of. Loo roll being one. Baked beans, bread and cheese being another three, if you ask my husband. Brownie ingredients, if you ask me.

Today, for about the third time since getting myself into the "any day now" mindset, I carried out a round of `essential' baking. For me, tins full of delicious goodies to go with a mug of tea are far more important and comforting a prospect than a freezer full of wholesome home cooked meals to lean on when the house is hit by a new born.

Here's what I've been up to:

Victoria sponge, with added lemon zest and almonds on top
2 bars of wonderful Green and Blacks 85% and a slab of butter going into the melting pot for brownies...

My favourite secret ingredient - I substitute this for vanilla when making brownies and sponge cakes
Littlest girl was quick to grab these...
...before embarking on her own at home version of her favourite biscuit decorating activity from pre school
I challenge any one to make brownies and not dip a finger or two into the mix for a taste!
Flap jack, made using my sister in law Debbie's recipe
See those crispy syrupy bits? 
"Don't lick your fingers until the end..."
Making a lemon syrup to drizzle onto the bottom layer of the Victoria sponge...
...before topping with freshly made lemon curd and whipped cream and sandwiching together.
Feet up. Peace and quiet. Bliss.
Surely the tins will still have goodies left in them by the time baby is born, right?


  1. I hope there are some left for grandma!

  2. oh my goodness, i am still trying to lose the baby weight from being in the same position as you last summer and your baking is making me drool! I hope the bub arrives soon and that your baking is as delicious as it looks. Your husband and children (both inside and outside of you) are v lucky to have such a committed baker as you. all i could do with only days to go before giving birth was lie on the sofa and hope that i wouldn't spontaneously combust from the heat and the fluid in my legs. not a pretty picture ...