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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

They fit!

We've been in our new house for nearly a fortnight now. And the verdict? Oh I like it. I like it a lot. To the point that, if the old place had feelings, it could well be justified in being hurt at how quickly it has been forgotten.

Roman blinds, made with Sanderson Fitzroy in Apple
Best thing is the extra space. And having multiple toilets. The novelty of cleaning them has not worn off. Yet. Although the youngest member of the family does instantaneously adopt a laughable shoulders dropped and arms swinging low to the ground stance whilst whilst loudly bemoaning the fact she is "too tired!" to walk up/down a flight of stairs each time she realises one of her sisters is in the loo closest to where she happens to be at that point in time. 

Part of the reason for the quietness on the blog front is that I have wasted no time in getting started on some decorating, beginning with my bedroom. With the opportunity of an empty room (new furniture for it was being delivered a few days after moving in) and the motivation of wanting to see my beloved green blinds up, I threw myself into painting the walls white. 

Not that there is anything wrong with lilac. But, having had to wear lilac coloured blouses everyday for five years at school, along with a purple blazer on top, it would never be my colour of choice. Photos of me in this said uniform? Ha. No chance.

There have already been lots of lovely moments to have happened in the new house - family coming to help us settle in; friends and neighbours popping round to see us and say `hello' (not overlooking receiving some great presents and cards - almost worth moving just for that); the girls having fun playing with empty boxes and playing hide and seek; and, the moment I put up the blinds and realised they were a perfect fit. Hurrah. Hurrah. 

Oh how I love love love the blinds. 

Lesson from this is that it is worth buying the fabric you really love when it comes to something like a blind - especially if it is one that you are going to look at every time you sit in bed. Worth every penny, because I am so enjoying looking at something I consider to be so beautiful.

Although, not worth every penny to the extent I have felt the need to point out to my husband how much the fabric would have been had I paid full price for it (I got an end of roll bargain). 

There have been low points too. One day, I will tell you the story of the cat and this new king sized bed. The cat survived the saga - but only because she can run fast. Needless to say, our new neighbours have almost certainly heard me shout, and I am not proud of myself.

That lilac lamp shade is going to go. (In fact, there are two of them in the room, if anyone would like them.) I'll show you my new replacement shades next time, along with simple instructions on how to make your own. Actually, embarrassingly simple.

And, a final favourite green themed picture to end on. We have a little fig tree. Very exciting.

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  1. Congratulations for the new house!
    Lovely blinds. x