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Monday, 10 June 2013

How to cover a lamp shade in 30 minutes

Ignoring daft advice (37 weeks)
Before I get down to the business of what this post is about, I'd like to draw my readers attendion to the latest wisdom on what mothers-to-be should be aware of according to the peeps at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists last week. Just in case you need a laugh, that is.

How the RCOG suggests pregnant women can reduce exposure to chemicals

  • use fresh rather than processed food
  • reduce use of food and drinks in tins and plastic containers
  • minimise use of moisturisers, cosmetics, shower gels and fragrances
  • avoid buying new furniture, fabrics, non-stick frying pans and cars when pregnant or nursing
  • avoid paint fumes
  • avoid garden/household pesticides
Really? I think I have ticked most of those in the last week alone! Avoid buying new fabric???? Ha, ha, ha. Daft, I tell you. 

So, in response, here is a picture of me pausing during a painting session. 

But look - it is a nice wholesome banana I am holding (although a nice cold can of Diet Coke was next), so not all bad, eh? And upon reflection, I think I have probably minimised my use of moisturisers, cosmetics, shower gels and fragrances, but for reasons of laziness about my appearance whilst trying to crack on and get on and get jobs done around the new house than anything else.

As you can gather, I am rolling my eyes at all this, and struggle to see how this news story is helping anyone. I cannot even be bothered to break into a proper rant about it.

Moving on.

Got a spare half hour?

Here's how I covered my new lamp shades.

I found the cheapest ones I could. Admittedly, you could get something for less if you had the time and inclination to search a few charity shops - but I wanted two the same size.

Iron your fabric, wrap it round the lamp shade, and cut it out to a size that allows about 5 cm extra to the height and about the same for the diameter, paying attention to how/where you'd like the pattern to overlap.

I had this close to hand, so thought I'd give it a whirl. It worked a treat.

Slap it on!

Take your fabric, carefully press it onto the lamp shade. Make sure the edges are even at the bottom and top, and keep smoothing the fabric out as you go to avoid any wrinkles.

At the join, carefully fold the fabric under and slap on a bit of extra paste to make sure it stays put.

It looks patchy at first - fear not. It dries clear, and has well and truly stuck the fabric and shade together.


One satisfyingly easy project to make that allows you to enjoy the pleasure of some lovely fabric to look at on a daily basis.

And, in the case of my two lamp shades and metre and a half of fabric (with still enough for a couple of cushion covers if I'm careful), the cost was little over £30. Not bad.

The cat seems more settled into the new house now, and as bad as my middle girl for forcing her way into every picture she can.

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