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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Squirrel Roman Blind

Still feeling buoyed up by the success of my first Roman blinds, this week I decided to make another one.

We've been in our new house for almost a month now - and, believe it or not, this is the first bit of sewing I've done here. Gulp.

Making this blind was my reward to myself at the end of decorating what will be the baby's room. I'm not sure what the blue and pink paint was all about, but it made this room a prime candidate for the white paint treatment once I'd finished my own bedroom.

The fairies had to go.

And it wasn't long after taking the steamer to the vinyl border that I had a moment of oh heck what have I started, as bits of the lining paper started coming away with it.

I cannot claim to have done a perfect job on this room. Far from it. But, I am learning that decorators' caulk and sandpaper are my friends, and, given the time and other obvious physical restrictions on me at the moment, I'm happy with the result.

Even if it was not without its dramas along the way. With an almost finished room, I needed more paint for the last bit of skirting board. The clear up involved after a full tin of satin paint being dropped all over the drive and pavement outside my house, as the bag it was in promptly broke as I lifted it out of the boot of the car, honestly made me wonder whether I was about to have the baby there and then.

Ever had a moment where you just don't know where to begin in clearing up mess?! With no one around to help, and littlest girl on the loose, too, as it was just after pre school pick up that the unfortunate incident happened, I had no choice but to get on with it.

An empty cereal box, some newspapers, and a lot of cans full of water and scrubbing later, the paint is gone.

There is a certain irony that the whole decorating process until this point had gone so smoothly (despite plenty of people warning me against ladders in my condition), and that the thing that nearly tipped the balance was a simple task of unloading shopping out of the car.

After all that effort, making the blind was a joy.

On other news. Our cat has been missing for 48 hours. Even after wee-on-new-bed-gate, I must admit to lying awake worrying about her last night. She has just walked in ten minutes ago with a loud miaow as if to say `Where's my food, then?'. I am happy.

And, as of this morning, that silk polka dot dress is finished. Yes, I can hardly believe it either. But, I have created a TENT I tell you.

Pictures of me in this garment for your own amusement will follow shortly, I promise.

I plan to give my new frock its maiden (and possibly only) outing when I host my grand `Fish & Chips and Chocolate Cake' house warming party tomorrow evening. Because, as my friend Pamela commented, you can never be too over dressed for fish and chips, right?


  1. Hope you have a brilliant party - and I love that squirrel fabric! Lucky newborn!

  2. Those are fabulous blinds Janet! Well done on the decorating job too, I have a few of those on my 'to do' list and have no idea how you fit it all in! I'm promising myself I'll get on top of things once Ayla starts school, and you are managing this with 1 still at home lots and another on the way, so much energy!