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Monday, 24 June 2013

The Polka Dot Tent

Polka dot frock
Pamela was right. You cannot be too over dressed for fish and chips. Especially not when you're hosting a party, and have spent the best part of a fortnight feeling rather ropey due to dodgy iron levels. The combination of iron tablets (and plenty of steak and broccoli) kicking in, this frock and a new lipstick to go with it were just the thing to get me ready for a lovely night with friends.

Best not to mention the ever so slightly wonky mirror. The husband has already made that mistake. I'll get round to correcting it one day. Let's just say my impatience got the better of me, and this was the result of my best efforts with a pencil, a set square and a drill. That mirror is a lot heavier than you'd imagine, and I am sure it's the factory fixtures on the mirror itself that are a bit out, and not my measuring...

The dress is a beauty to wear. The silk is suitably swishy and luxurious feeling. I don't know why I held off finishing the thing for so long, as I thoroughly loved wearing it. Still, I plan to adjust it ready for next summer, so I can enjoy wearing it when I am about a third of the size I am now if this photo is anything to go by.

Nearly 39 weeks - nothing subtle about this bump...
I don't think I look that enormous - until I turn sideways, that is! And then for the comedy bump, and the realisation that turning sideways to let someone pass you in a corridor just doesn't help.

Honey Chocolate Cake, Nigella's Feast
I am going to make a bold statement now, and say that this cake is the only recipe you need ever bother with when it comes to fulfilling your gooey chocolate cake needs. Nigella has cracked the art of gooey chocolate cake. You won't regret making this. My only regret was that there was only the tiniest slither left for me by the time I'd served everyone else some.

I think it's funny I am pictured here with my friend and running partner Louise, as we are about to tuck into our fish and chips. I've missed our Sunday morning runs together where we put the world to rights, and am looking forward to a return to that after baby is born.

And here is another friend I met through running when pushing our children round the park as babies in prams. Although since those days, Iciar has also become a true queen of crochet - and is regularly seen wearing beautiful cardigans she has made herself.

Her house warming present to me was a fabulous book on crochet squares. And no, it has not taken me long to get started on something, not least because I already had some wool and a hook that I had no fixed plans for beyond `something purple to go in the front room'.

I am trying to slow down and not spend the little amount of time left before birth rushing about the place. Making little squares (maybe for a cushion if I get enough of them done?) may be just the thing to keep me happy on the sofa and save my energy for what's ahead.

A  reminder of a very happy evening with lovely friends


  1. Janet you look amazing and your frock is wonderful. 39 weeks?!?! Wowee! Yes, I agree you should make the most of some quiet time after partying with your friends :-) it'll soon change.

    1. Yes - I am most definitely soaking up all the uninterrupted sleep I can right now, and trying not to wish this time away. Eek!

  2. Janet didn't recognise you, you've grown since I last saw you, looking great though love the dress...

    1. Ha ha - growing by the hour, I think. X