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Monday, 15 April 2013

Misbehaving monkeys and a girl determined to have fun

Today marked the last day of the school holidays for my two school girls (and the littlest girl will be sorely disappointed about that fact when she waves them off in the morning).

We went to the local safari park.

Sometimes, the animals at Woburn seem to be on strike, and not at all bothered by the paying public who have come to admire them. The hubby complains this is usually the case when he comes with us.

Today, the sun was out, it was just me and the three girls, plus another mummy friend and her two in the car. The animals were on brilliant form!

The monkeys delighted my five young passengers (and the bus load of school girls in front of us) with their naughtiness. The one pictured here emptied his bowels whilst perched on one of our wing mirrors, before bounding onto the roof to fight and jump about with another couple of monkeys.

They were screaming with laughter, as I sat torn between loving the experience and panicking slightly about any potential damage to the car. (Luckily the car is fine)

And finally, an image of a little girl (wearing this elephant dress) who is determined to have fun. I lost count of how many times my three year old lugged that mat up two flights of stairs in order to hurtle down a giant bumpy slide. Boy, did she cackle with glee. Best sound ever.

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