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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Big Birdie Scarf

Here we have a rare thing of late - something me made for me to wear!

Rabbit caught in headlights!
The thing is, I can't decide if it's going to be a hit or not. I love love love the print, and that was the inspiration behind making the scarf. But, I'm not used to wearing this style of scarf, and I feel slightly conspicuous in it. That said, I've been wearing it all day today - we've left the house to enjoy some fresh air on two separate occasions (thank you sunshine!) - and it is definitely growing on me.

I saw the fabric in John Lewis a couple of weeks ago. I loved it, and bought a metre with the intention of making myself a scarf to liven up what seems to be my current pregnancy uniform of white t shirts and jeans.

Ready for the bump?

29 weeks - I think! (Anyone would think this is the fourth time, and I've stopped keeping track of where I'm up to...)
Having toyed with various maternity patterns, I must admit I have been lacking in motivation to actually make anything as yet. That'll hopefully change soon, not least because I have a special event coming up and need something to wear. Yes I know, I could hit the shops and solve the problem by buying something to wear. But, I have the beautiful fabric and pattern ready and waiting to be used - I just need to get the motivation to make it. I want to wait for the right time when I will enjoy the process, and I know I will enjoy it. A lot. (And, a lot more than shopping for a special occasion dress with my own three year old personal shopper in toe.) I just need to be in the right mood.

Truth is, the silk you see before you is utterly gorgeous in real life. And expensive. I think I am a bit scared of cutting it!

I have even planned out a conversation along the lines of,"Mu-umm! Fancy doing some sewing for me...? You did a lovely job the last time you made me a frock, and this one is a lot more straightforward...")

This polka dot fabric is not the only beautiful stuff waiting to be cut by me. I also have 4 metres of the most beautiful lush green Sanderson fabric destined to become bedroom blinds in the new house. With (fingers and toes crossed) only a couple of weeks to go until moving day, why the procrastination I hear you ask. Get on with it, girl. I know. But. Well, it is lovely stuff, and, I am just a little bit scared of mucking it up with my haphazard approach to measuring and scissors.

Anyhow, back to the scarf. It has provided me with a welcome injection of home made loveliness into my wardrobe at a time when all the other lovely printed cotton stuff I usually enjoy pulling out of winter storage is staying firmly in the loft on the grounds there is no chance I could squeeze myself into any of it at the moment. I love those birds and the green of the lining. Have you guessed that green is my favourite colour?

The tutorial came from Anna Maria Horner - pretty straightforward to be honest, and probably something people could work out for themselves, but a set of instructions and dimensions to cut to definitely makes life easier. The fabric I used was a kind of voile (I think!) and some fine quite floaty polyester lining, rather than the velveteen suggested for a wintry version of the scarf. Also, as I'd bought the fabric without knowing the dimensions for the scarf, I had to wing it a bit and cut my metre in half and join the two strips to get the full length (should have bought 1.8 metres). It seems to work okay.

I'll probably make another scarf like this - if not for myself, then definitely as a present for friends who are better at pulling off accessories than me. The best thing about it is you can come up with some truly unique colour combinations of fabrics and show off whatever gorgeous prints have caught your eye in the fabric shop. And, for a lady like me who has a bit of a belly about her at the moment, this scarf is something that can serve me well both pre and post baby.

I hope you've all been having a good weekend, however you've spent it. Here is some happy evidence that spring has sprung here in Bedford. There was a regatta at the river today - plenty of people around enjoying the rowing and the wonderful daffodils along the riverside. Perfect.

After the girls had finished hurtling around on their scooters (they haven't injured any unsuspecting members of the public - yet) and running in and out of the daffodils, it was time to nip to get drinks and run around a bit more at the park.

Teddy posing for the camera, thanks to the middle girl!


  1. You are looking gorgeous and I am now tempted to make that scarf!

    1. Ah, thank you! :) I'd go for it on the scarf making - I have been wearing mine for the last four days now... Only time consuming bit was measuring the rectangles accurately. Plain sailing after that. X

  2. Just bought that fabric and made it into a dress for my little girl, wishing I'd made it into something for me now! Gemma x

    1. Funny you should say that - the middle girl saw the fabric as I was making the scarf and instantly loved it and asked me to make her a dress. Just working out whether the rectangle I have left will be enough. X