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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Love Liberty

I have a confession to make.

My recent subscription to Mollie Makes may have been just a little bit influenced by the free gift of some Liberty fabrics that went with it.

Yes, I am a sucker for marketing. But can you blame me? This is lovely, isn't it? I had many grand plans for these prints. My favourite one is the one at the bottom left of the picture. If only those nice marketing people had sent me a bit more of it.

So there it stayed. Inside its original packaging, only to be removed, stroked, admired and then carefully refolded and returned, until I could think of a suitably worthy use for such pretty fabric.

And then, while the hubby had taken the girls out on a bike ride (hip hip hooray for Daddy being off work for a few days!), leaving me alone in the house for a couple of hours, inspiration struck.

Look away now if the prospect of Liberty fabric being used for baby sick cloths offends you. But here we have some of the prettiest shoulder protectors/mopping up cloths known to man. And, being backed with leftover Winceyette (from the baby quilt) they are soft. Oh so soft. With practical hanging loops, too. So. Pleasing.

They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity. Before you judge me too harshly, hear me out. 

The squares of prints were the right size for making something small like this. That meant no cutting or measuring was needed, apart from using them as templates to cut out the Winceyette backing. A very satisfyingly quick and simple make. And, the ribbon was also a freebie (from the front of last month's Mollie Makes), making this technically a free make.

Is it a waste to use such beautiful fabric for a purpose destined to be thrown up on by a baby who will be oblivious to the finer qualities of the print when something plain and functional would do? Maybe. If looking at it from a Dad Perspective. But, when looking at it from a Mum Perspective (and, in this case, a mummy who loves Liberty), no it is not. Oh no no no.

I know that I will be shattered within days of this baby making an appearance. I think in moments of reaching for something clean to shield my shoulder from baby sick, I might be vaguely pleased if the thing I happen to reach for is something very lovely looking (rather than one of my now tired and grey looking muslins). If the big sisters haven't reassigned them as pretty dolly blankets first, that is.

I had a realisation this week. I have been enjoying the Lego building every bit as much as the girls. I couldn't really tell you what we've been doing with our holidays or what we have to show for it - but I know that there's been a lot of Lego building going on.

Here's my rainbow house - with added bouncy castle (made by middle girl) and `apple stall' (made by littlest girl). I am particularly pleased with the roof. I need to get out more!

 And, one final Mollie Makes related make (I am not on commission, I swear!).

A fun little key ring kit was on the front of the latest edition. And, it being my niece's birthday this week, I thought I'd personalise it and give it to her as a gift, along with our current favourite book.

Oh, and a little butterfly clip - which will make sense to other mums who have the same book, and just seem like a pretty clip to those not in the know. Made from teeny tiny scraps from a free kit, so quite pleasing to the scrimping bee in me.

Smug cake time. Oh bother. We are out of cake. Time to make some more me thinks.


  1. Might as well have something that makes you smile at 4am! I'd say it was a great use!

  2. He he - my thoughts exactly. I'd like to say the sight of my new born would be enough to make me smile, but chances are she'll be screaming if awake at that time of night and the sick cloth is in use...! Hope you're well, Ellen. x