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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Getting organised

During the lovely relaxed period in between Christmas and New Year, we went to Cambridge for the day. We had a nice day there - not planned anything in particular, and just wandered around a bit and in and out of a few places selling hot chocolates and other such things to keep the little people happy.

And the grown ups, too, come to think of it. Who doesn't like hot chocolates? In fact, in a bid to continue with this happy habit at home, I stocked up on supplies of hot chocolate and squirty cream. Anyhow, back to the subject of this post.

Whilst in Cambridge, the hubby turned and said, "Why don't you wander off on your own for a bit? We'll be fine on our own, won't we, girls?".

I scampered off in the direction of John Lewis. Although, in a way so as not to look too keen to abandon them all, of course...

Love the word scamper, by the way. The biggest girl discovered The Secret Seven books yesterday - it bought back lots of nice memories to me, namely that one of the children shares my name, and, that the dog is called Scamper.

Whilst the fabric sale wasn't my only reason for going, it would have been unthinkable not go and check it out. With no fixed plans in mind, and plenty of other things I wanted to do with my child free shopping time, as I approached my own equivalent of the sweetie shop for the girls, I resolved I would be spontaneous and quick (rather than my usual dithering indecisive mode when in fabric shops) and go for the first four things I saw and liked that were in the half price rack.

I bought up four pieces, each a metre long, based purely on loving the prints, rather than trying to pin down what I would do with them. I think knowing they were half price made me relax about not having a plan.

The first piece of fabric was turned into the dress for the littlest girl's rag doll.

These little pouches were the next make out of my sale fabric. I already had the black and white piece in my stash, but I love the way it looks with the red and aqua coloured ones.

The pattern came from an Amy Butler book on bags - if I'd realised how long it was going to take to measure out all the pieces for the three sizes, I would have done templates that could be reused, as now I will have to repeat that part of the effort if I make any more. But such was my `just draw straight onto the fabric with a disappearing pen' laziness that came with making these during the festive period.

Still, I really like they way they look now that they're finished, and I'm hoping they might encourage me to keep my sewing stuff a bit more organised, instead of leaving it all over the house. You never know...

In other news, after getting a nice steady stream of requests about courses (maybe lots of people have been given sewing machines for Christmas?!), I've decided to host an additional Handbags and Clutches course.

It is ideal for people who have already done a Beginners' Course with me, or, who have a little sewing experience under their belts.

A glimpse of what you can look forward to making is here and here. The course will start on Tuesday 5th February and run for four consecutive weeks, 8 - 10 pm, and costs £50. Please get in touch if you'd like to come!

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