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Monday, 21 January 2013

A snow lady called Alice

Why Alice? Who knows. Ask the small child.
I cannot pretend that days like today are hard work. Having small children to entertain provides me with the perfect excuse to wear my bobble hat and build this snow lady called Alice.

The husband has taken on a bit of a Winston Churchill like determination that no amount of snow will close his school. It is open.

The bigger two girls were, well, quite frankly, downright disappointed that they also had to go to school today. I tried in vain to reassure them that they would have great fun playing in the snow with all their friends. Just look at all that fresh snow on the school field, I said to them.

Fingers crossed they have been allowed out in it. Because, if they have been kept in, when their little sister blabs about how much fun she had building a snowman in the park, there will be a war. 

Actually, the fun had its limits. The last five minutes of snowman building were a bit fraught. The littlest girl dropped her gloves and managed to get snow inside them, resulting in cold hands, and so wanted to go home. That instant. I was determined to finish the job (after crouching down rolling the body and head into shape, I couldn't bear to leave an almost completed snowman without eyes and so on), so offered her a bribe of the promise of hot chocolate and chocolate mini egg topped cake if she could bring herself to stick with it.

It worked. 

Back out for more snow fun later after school - sledging this time. It'll be their first time. Let's hope it ends in picture perfect scenes of laughter all round, and not A&E...

Have fun everyone.


  1. I'm jealous! I'd love an hour of snow today. Hot and humid here!

  2. We had lots of fun in the snow this morning too. The walk to and from the embankment was less fun, and I too had to bribe them with hot chocolate to get them home. x