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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Can you guess what we're making?

It has been busy around here lately - a good busy, but leaving little time for sewing projects and writing.

I have just started a couple of new courses of Handbags and Clutches - probably my favourite course to teach, largely because I cannot resist a nice bag or clutch myself. In fact, I have promised myself I will do some selfish bag sewing before the courses are done - I have bought all the necessary goodies to make them with, and now just need the time to get started. And, the opportunity is about to come my way this Friday night, as I'm babysitting for my friend Pamela. 

Talking of Pamela, she and some other friends have agreed to help me out with a collective knitting project.

I have cheekily offered each of them a ball of wool - they could choose the colours they liked from the pile of balls I'd selected from a half price sale on the wool web site my mum had recommended to me - with the instructions to knit 10 cm squares in whatever design or texture takes their fancy.

Pamela (pink wool) and Sarah (green wool) have already finished their first ball and come up with some lovely designs. The grey knitting you can see is my offering into the mix. I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the gang come up with.

Can you guess what we're making?

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