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Friday, 14 December 2012

What I wore ten years ago

Today is our tenth wedding anniversary. 

I thought I'd get out my wedding dress and have a look at it for the first time since that day.

With a mum who is a professional seamstress, I always knew there was only ever going to be one place I'd look to for my dress. Luckily for me, mum was more than willing to oblige.

We went shopping together in John Lewis, and chose a pattern and fabric. I knew I wanted something simple - and the lines on this number, along with the detailing of the covered buttons seemed just right. It has been mentioned (on more than one occasion) that those buttons took quite some time to make.

Lovely covered buttons
It was a real treat to have my wedding dress tailor made for me by my own mum. It goes without saying, that I was delighted with the finished dress. Having been made by someone who is a true perfectionist when it comes to sewing, it was every bit as good as I knew it would be.

My one contribution was to make a simple fur lined wrap, with a few beads sewn on for extra sparkle.

The wrap was an after thought I decided to make, once I stopped to think about just how freezing cold Durham gets in the winter. (To be honest, the place is pretty cold most of the year - and in my mind at least, there was snow on the ground for several months at a time when I used to live there as a student.)

I don't know if I'll ever be asked to make a wedding dress - I guess I have three people who might potentially put in a request at some point in the future. If I do get asked, I know who I'll be asking for help.

Today has been lovely. The girls enjoyed looking at my dress, and trying on the shoes and the veil. Actually, they loved that bit. Show me a little girl who doesn't like dressing up.

Beautiful flowers being delivered to the door and special treats as a family.

And, some child free time ahead to celebrate. Bliss.


  1. Congratulations! And your dress is beautiful.

  2. I have been following your blog for a while, but simply had to write a response to this blog post. My 10 year anniversary is coming up in exactly 2 weeks, a winter wedding as well, and my own mother also made that exact same wedding dress for me. Remarkable! Here is a photo of the dress: http://www.nicoleathome.com/2012/06/like-daughter-like-mother.html. Happy anniversary to you!

  3. Wow, how special! What a lovely post, I hope you enjoyed your anniversary with your husband. I'm sure when the time comes you will make stunning dresses for your daughters (and all the bridesmaids etc!) Your tree looks fab too, Sam x

  4. Many congratulations and your dress looks very simple and elegant. How wonderful for it to be made with such love, I bet your mum was thrilled to be asked too to make it. Have you done the time honoured thing and tried it on to see if it still fits??

  5. Congratulations! Any pictures from the day? I'd love to see it on.

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone - we had a fabulous weekend away...
    Nicole, what a coincidence we had the same dresses made for us at around the same time. Hope you have a great anniversary, too.