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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Hampers

And finally... some finished things!

Christmas makes seem to be going at a painfully slow rate this year - and I didn't even set myself a big list of things to do. But a lingering cold (still have blocked sinuses making me feel sorry for myself), a weekend away (and very lovely that was too) and well, good stuff on TV to distract me have resulted in a neglected sewing machine.

I made these fabric boxes for some family members (who now all have them, which is why I can show them to you), using this free tutorial.

I can't lie - they took me longer to make than I thought they would, but this was nothing to do with the instructions (which were great) - just a bit more to the construction process than I'd anticipated. And, it is just as well these pictures don't allow you to measure and check the perfection of the finished boxes I made - they aren't square!

I'd spotted the tutorial ages ago - and have been meaning to make some for our own house. And then, when thinking of what to give people for Christmas, and thoughts turned to edible treats (always good, right?), my mind turned back to the fabric boxes as a nice way to present things that would come in handy afterwards (even if just somewhere to store a few toys in).

And, in case you are wondering what it was I was so distracted by on TV...

The Great British Bake Off Christmas special, of course. I love the genius that is Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry together. As a friend of mine commented after the programme, wouldn't it be amazing if you could go round to Mary's for Christmas lunch? Or any lunch come to think of it. Or even just a cup of tea and a slice of her Christmas cake.

So, I just had to make some mince pies today as a result... (and, yes - chocolate log also on the bake list).

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