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Thursday, 13 December 2012

The chocolate coins are back... (but how long will they last?)

"My `get better stocking', Mummy!"
On Monday, I took the littlest girl out to buy a Christmas tree. I waited all afternoon for the other two girls to come home from school before decorating it. I love getting out all the decorations, and so do the girls. Lots of them have their own special memories attached (like the pink button stocking I made to cheer up the middle girl while she was off school poorly last December), and it sets off a nice nostalgic mood.

I thought this would be the highlight of my day.

And then I discovered a note in the biggest girl's book bag, telling me I'd won Tea and Cake for Two at Fancy.

I wasted no time in cashing in my prize. The very next morning, I met my friend Sarah there, and enjoyed some absolutely lovely Christmas cake and a pot of tea.

Not long after getting home from our early morning tea and cake jolly, I caught the littlest girl busy by the tree, `redistributing' the chocolate coins. When the girls had decorated the tree together the night before, they'd carefully shared out the two bags of chocolate coins I'd given them into all the miniature stockings. By the time the littlest girl had rearranged things, there were several empty stockings and one of her stockings stuffed completely full of coins.

The littlest girl's twinkle star stocking... 
I haven't made any more progress on Christmas present making. Although I have been into town and bought some Bondaweb from Singers, ready to do some sort of logo on the back of some super hero capes - does that count?!

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