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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Soda Bread

Okay, so clearly not a sewing related post. But this soda bread is so gorgeous you just have to have the recipe so you can enjoy it yourself. I am most definitely going to be making more over the weekend, as the loaf in the picture was gobbled up within a few hours of coming out of the oven.

It was my friend Imogen who recently put me on to it - she made some when a bunch of us went to her place for lunch. People were literally falling over themselves in Lloyd Grosman style gushy praise for the stuff, and rightly so. The recipe is originally from the Lorraine Pascale Baking Made Easy book, and can be found here.

 Unlike a lot of books that claim things are easy, this bread is. About five minutes of effort, shove it in the oven and wait for home made bread heaven to happen.

The magic ingredient is black treacle. I know this, because, the first couple of times I tried making it at home, I didn't have any treacle, and substituted it for some brown sugar. Don't be tempted to do the same! Trust me, the treacle holds the secret to this bread. Gorgeous, I tell you.

Beyond taking the girls swimming this morning, going to the old fashioned shop in town for `Saturday Sweets' and making soda bread, I'm hoping to make a start on my Kelly skirt this weekend. Although I am also sorely tempted by this as a new challenge... anyone else contemplating it?

Have a happy weekend!


  1. ooh bread looks scrummy! will definitely have to have a go at that - love lorraine pascal's recipes xxx

  2. That looks delicious! I remember watching Lorraine making this on the show and thinking I should make it so thanks for reminding me!