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Wednesday, 19 September 2012


This is how I helped the youngest girl overcome her sadness at her littlest big sister starting school on Monday morning. I think it worked. I'd like to add at this point, that I have since been to the gym. Twice. Oh yes I have. So this counts as pre-emptive smug cake on my part, I guess. If you don't count the fact I have also rewarded each visit to the gym with chocolate brownie and flapjack, that is. Hmm. 

And, I also think it was no coincidence that, on Tuesday morning, the first time she was taken swimming without any siblings to share me with, she transformed herself into a water baby. Arm bands on and kept on (a first), tummy band also on (another first), jumping in (most definitely a first) and much gleeful cackling. 

Today, whilst the littlest girl had a sleep and the other two were still at school, I took the opportunity to put together a couple of late entries to add to the mix of flower brooch kits for tomorrow night's workshop.

A classic tweed skirt I spotted at a swishing night - too long for me in the end, but could be transformed into a brooch with the help of some nice vintage buttons and pearls...
Recognise this from my recent post about plans for a skirt? Realised buying too much might have its perks, and brighten up a winter coat when teamed up with some big bright red buttons.
What do you think? My favourite is still the grey and yellow combination I made as a sample - but am really looking forward to seeing what people come up with tomorrow night.

And even better, the evening will have tea and cake a plenty... heaven! Can't wait.

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