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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Last Minute Birthday Gift

Last night, I remembered I had not sorted out a birthday present for the joint sibling party we were due to be going to this afternoon.

Granted, I could have just resolved to pop to the shops this morning, and the problem would have been solved. But, I'd already got a home made gift ready made for the big sister, and, wanted to make something for the little brother, too.

I toyed with making this or that, but sadly, couldn't find any big enough pieces of decent prints or colours in my stash that would suit a little boy (hmm - I wonder why that is?). If only I had planned things a bit more in advance.

So, I went for something I know is a birthday favourite in our house. Number t shirts!

I knew I had a couple of blank t shirts left from the packs I'd bought for PE kits, and coupled with some Bondaweb and scraps, I was ready to whirr into last minute birthday gift action.

I was lucky to be given these cool scraps by my sewing friend, Stacie. Aren't they great? Sadly, I don't think you can get hold of them now (please let me know if I am wrong on this front!), and so Stacie had very kindly given me the scraps leftover from her own fabulous Jubilee themed sewing projects earlier on in the year.

The patch work effect was done out of necessity - the scraps are small and some of them oddly shaped.

I like the overall look, though, and it just goes to show that all those scraps are worth keeping. They will come in handy one day - it's just a matter of waiting for the inspiration to strike.

The party was lovely. Highlight for me was the sight of the two gorgeous tiered cake stands the host had made, using mismatching vintage china. They looked utterly beautiful, and the perfect thing to show off the pretty lavender cakes that had been made for the parents to enjoy. Wish I'd had my camera - but, well, you know what I'm going to be scouring the charity shops for next..!


  1. I've got some vintage china left over from the wedding! :-) Going to have a WI sale of it soon. Xxx

    1. A potential WI workshop, maybe? I bet the other WI ladies would love to make one of the cake stands - and we could buy our china from you! My friend tells me it was easy to make - just very strong glue needed (and a good eye for what goes nicely together). Failing that, I'd love to take some off your hands! X

  2. Super cute tshirt. A perfect present.