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Monday, 24 September 2012

Can you cheer up a rainy Monday?

PE bags, made by Tracey

What a rubbish morning it is out there!

Non stop grey skies, and pouring rain all morning. Nice. I didn't even see the sun shining briefly (as I sometimes do on days like this) as I returned home from the gym first thing. (Notice how I slipped that in there, just to show off)

I have no finished sewing projects to show you - just seven self-covered buttons waiting for my cut out Kelly skirt to be made and a half filled bag of school uniforms still without labels. Oh dear. Better get on to that next...

So, now seems like a good time to ask for some pictures from lovely readers! What have you been making? I'd love to see.

Tracey sent me the pictures above, of a couple of PE bags she made using my tutorial from a few weeks ago. Aren't they lovely?

And, to give you a little incentive, for the Bedford locals amongst you (although anyone willing to travel to Bedford can claim the prize, I guess), I'll do a little draw for a complimentary place on one of my next workshops at Fancy for one lucky person who emails me with a picture by the end of the week. Even with the weather like it is outside, I cannot bring myself to mention the word, but I am going to be doing a couple of winter themed ones, just in time for a certain festival we all know and love...

So, pictures please!

And now for those name labels... after I have made a cup of tea, that is.

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