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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Saying it with flowers

Silk flower brooch
I love flowers. I love giving them and I love getting them. (Hint, hint!)

And, it turns out, I love making them too. Out of fabric, that is. (We've already talked about my lack of green fingers.)

And I will let you into a little secret. I am planning a flower making evening workshop this summer, at my favourite local cake shop in Bedford.

So, to get everyone in the mood - and to get me making enough samples to have ready to share with people, I am going to be popping up plenty of flower themed posts here this week.

First up is an elegant silk number.

Actually, this particular brooch was made with a friend of mine in mind. She's an opera singer (I know!) and is about to go off and perform in the Marriage of Figaro this summer. One of the really cool things about being a mum is that you get to meet some really interesting people. Your `colleagues' are no longer restricted to other people in the same profession as you, but rather anyone who you happen to bump into and strike up a conversation with whilst your offspring are playing at the swings.

Do you like my suit, by the way? I got it at the swishing night a few weeks ago. Only thing wrong with it is that it needs a couple of buttons sewing on. I think I can just about manage that! Although, I am already lazily thinking it doesn't really need three buttons down the front...

I might adjust the sleeves a bit. We'll see. But otherwise a not too shabby outfit for £5.

And as for the brooch, I overcame my selfish instinct to keep it once it was finished, and gave it away. But I must confess, that due to liking the way it looks with my new old suit, I have already made a second one for me to keep. I'll just have to make sure I don't ever wear it when I see my friend, or else we'll be daft brooch twins.

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