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Friday, 13 July 2012

Shopping with children

New togs!
It's incredible how decisive you can be when you really need to be.

Like when shopping with two small children. Hmm, there lies my mistake. But anyway, needs must. Well, strictly speaking, there was not an actual need for me to shop at the time I chose to do so. The cupboards were not bare, there was plenty of milk in the fridge, and we still had loads of nappies and wipes. But rather an `I really fancy treating myself, given it was my birthday last week and I spent most of it wincing from a bad back, blah, blah', sort of a need to shop.

So off I trotted to the shops. With a friend. Who was very easily persuaded to join me in a spontaneous and unnecessary but nice shopping trip. 

It took about five minutes after arriving at the nice big shiny shopping centre for me to regret my decision and wish my younger to companions were, well, not with me at that point in time. They were tired from their first ever sleep over the night before, and understandable, not particularly up for shopping. Bless their cotton socks I did not. Although I did feel somewhat guilty. 

So, having swiftly spotted and paid for the first two items I had loved at first sight (and were in the sale - hurrah!) I left my pal to browse in peace and quiet.

Shiny green shoes and lovely chevron cardigan? Why, yes please!
Enter the first hero of the shopping trip: Godfrey.

As well as selling genuinely child friendly sandwiches (that is, without any unwanted greenery or mustard flavoured mayonnaise), Pret-a-Manger sell nice gingerbread men. Which they call Godfrey. Under normal circumstances, I'd insist on my children finishing their sandwiches, and, if feeling optimistic, eating a piece of fruit, before being granted pudding (fruit does not count as pudding no matter who tries to claim otherwise). But on this occasion, as I watched my middle girl lolling over the sofa type seating, I decided drastic action was needed and went straight for the bribery. It worked! No sooner had the words "Would you like to eat Godfrey first today?" had left my lips she was a transformed child. All smiles, and on came the usual gingerbread eating banter and commentary along the lines of (fake shocked voice) "Oh no - his arm has gone Mummy!" (me) "Oh no!" (her) "It's just a biscuit". You get the idea.

Still on the glorious sugar high, we headed to Gap. I overcame my usual urge to shun all offers of help in shops, and explained and gestured downwards at the buggy to the first member of staff I came across that I needed to be quick and please could I have some help to find some trousers and jeans. A brilliant lady (the second hero of the shopping trip) called Ingrid looked me up and down, waltzed off and promptly came back with some things for me to try on. I kid you not, the first pair of jeans she gave me fitted perfectly, as did the chinos she persuaded me to try on (wouldn't have given them a second glance if left to my own dithering shopping devices). Thank you, Ingrid!

Then time to head back to our starting point to meet my friend and browse the half price fabric sale in John Lewis. Whilst I'd normally love to bask in the gleefulness of some of my favourite designer prints at bargain prices, I was most definitely pushing my luck with my happy and slightly sleepy children. So these are the speed purchases I made - and guilt free, as spending birthday vouchers. Hurrah!

Current plan is to make a couple of tops. I'd pondered buying enough of the peacock print for a dress, and then decided tops are what I'll get most wear out of.

I'm going to make my old favourite, Lisette Market Tops (simplicity 2211 if you're interested), with false piping in the contrast solid colours.

For the pink and red, I am picturing thin yellow trim around the sleeves with maybe an optional big flouncy yellow flower brooch.

The height of happy summer colours or a clash too far - what do you think?


  1. Love the peacock print! I didn't see that in John Lewis MK today, but I did get a couple of nice Amy Butler prints for my PJ's. Will tweet pic later. Had to seriously restrain myself from getting more!

  2. Ha, ha - yes I know what you mean. Maybe it was just as well I had the time bomb of two children to stop me buying more. Look forward to seeing what you bought! X