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Monday, 16 July 2012

Drunken Sewing

My Saturday night included the following things (in this order): rare steak and broccoli with plenty of black pepper, a dollop of butter and a smear of mustard on the side; half a bottle of red wine; and the first bit of a trashy novel (not Fifty Shades of Grey, in case you were wondering) whilst polishing off the remains of my birthday chocolates.

And then, at way past ten, I decided it would be a good idea to start making these brooches.

Not sure what possessed me, but I am quite pleased with the results of my somewhat tipsy hand sewing efforts!

The lemon cupcakes are the eldest girl's request for early birthday cakes to take into school to share with her class mates before term ends. She has even chosen those sugar lemon halves to put on top of them. Quite happy to indulge her in that modest request, as it'll be a nice trip down memory lane to my own childhood cake decorating times with my mum.

Talking of cupcakes, I'm going to keep a tally of how many of the things I make this week. Have already made a double batch of chocolate ones (school fair and some for general consumption at home). I love a bit of baking - but thinking through the week, this one could put me off them for a bit. We'll see.

And finally... look what we (or should I say the youngest) spotted at the school fair. Needless to say the girl is very happy indeed with her 50p dressing up shoes. Not that the dressing up message has been heard by her. She immediately put them on and wore them for the remainder of the day, and very reluctantly took them off at bedtime - only to be found fast asleep with them on later in the evening when I popped my head round her bedroom door to give her a final admiring glance before heading to bed myself (I am sure mums and dads the world over do that).

School fair treasure
Do you ever pick a silly time to start sewing?


  1. At Calico Quilter's Casita, the lights stay on, sometimes into the wee hours. I want to do it all; finish this project, start that one. That's when I'm on a roll. Love your brooches! Love your style!

  2. He, he, thanks - yes, sometimes the inspiration strikes at strange times and I like to go with it when I can!