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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cheeky Sewing

Remember I mentioned three bags I was attempting to make for three friends with birthdays around the same time as mine? Two out of three are now completed!

Last Thursday, knowing I'd be seeing my friends for a special get together that evening, to wish a fond farewell to one of them who is about to move back to France, I was was feeling particularly keen to get the bags finished. Nothing like a deadline and all that, and I am definitely someone who gets spurred on by one.

With a completed bag at home, waiting the final finishing touch of a (yes you guessed it) hand sewn flower brooch, I thought I'd do a cheeky bit of multitasking and take it with me to do whilst I was watching the end of term ballet lesson performances.

Mrs Dickson reminds me of Mavis, who used to play piano in the ballet lessons I went to as a little girl. It's only now, as I rush to get my girls to their lessons, and sit through the performances, that I realise quite how patient my own mum was in allowing me carry on with ballet for an entire decade.
Our little dining room became a costume factory for a month or so each year, as mum sewed for lots of the different classes, as that was how she managed to pay for the lessons!

Mrs Hayward, handing out the bills for next term!
Amy Butler's In Town Bag Pattern

Gorgeous big vintage button
London themed pockets, for my lovely French friend (can't have her forgetting England!)

All in all, a not too shabby first couple of attempts at the pattern. As with everything, I think these bags will improve the more I do them. Still, I'm pretty pleased with how these ones look - and, more importantly, my friends I gave them to liked them.

Guest of honour - Carole!
And some more pictures of her farewell party - complete with ric rac bunting (made by some of the other running turned sewing girls) in the background! 

Here's to friendship - and my first ever proper French pen friend. We'll all miss you, Carole! XXXXX

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