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Thursday, 19 July 2012

End of Term

It is almost the end of term.

I for one cannot wait for the summer holidays to be here!

My children are all tired - especially the biggest girl, who seems to use up all her loveliness at school. I'm looking forward to six weeks where our time is our own and we can just be together.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes, at the same time as doing a sun dance, and hoping that the shifting jet stream the whole country seems a bit obsessed with will deliver the goods and bring a bit of sunshine, so we can have a few picnics and paddle our toes at the seaside without fearing they will drop off from the cold.

Twisted rosettes
I made these bags using Noodle-head's tutorial - as little thank you presents for the teachers at school. Who, I'd like to say, I think are blooming brilliant. They have been a dream team throughout the year, totally living up to the huge act of trust taken every time you hand your child over to them, greeting us each morning with big welcoming smiles, and ploughing tons of effort into making school an interesting and fun place to be.

(To the extent that the eldest girl has been just a bit tearful and grumpy of late when the subject of the end of term comes up - which either means she is sad about leaving behind her beloved class teacher and her teaching assistant, or, worse still, that she is not looking forward to the summer holidays as much as I am.)

Mmm... buttons. (And one even has a sparkly bit in the middle.)
Gathered petal big button flower
More buttons
More twisted rosettes (made The Lazy Way)

Fabrics used were from the Trade Winds collection by Lily Ashbury - available at Fabric Rehab

You would be right in suspecting from my gushy outpourings here that there will probably be a few tears shed tomorrow as school draws to a close.

So in true school assembly style, a big three cheers for the teachers. Wishing you a great summer.


  1. Ahh what lovely bags. That was the school I went to - many moons ago!

  2. They look amazing ! Ibet the teachers were very very happy xx

  3. They are absolutely stunning - and as a teacher myself i would be so touched to receive one of these as a gift! bet they were chuffed to pieces! you are so talented xxxx