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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Heaven in Devon

I'm not sure what my old theology professors would have made of my title, but it seemed a good way to describe the holiday we've just had.

I am one very happy bunny. The week was spent building sandcastles, paddling toes, the occasional plunge into the sea for a brief swim (bracing, I tell you), much general lounging about, plenty of edible treats (ice creams, fish and chips, cream teas, cheeses with big dollops of local chutney...), and all the other things you might think of doing on a family holiday with small children. Just lovely. 

And, I hope you don't mind, but given the fact it has become a standing joke that we prepare for our annual trip to Devon by checking the girls have all got Wellington boots and raincoats that fit, I am just a bit smug about the utterly brilliant weather we had. Glorious sunshine all week. Hurrah! 

So, here is my bit for the Devonshire tourist board. Here's why I love the place...

Watcombe Beach
Secluded cove, that seems to be just mainly locals and people in the know,
maybe due to the hugely steep forest hill you have to walk down to get there.
Cup of tea for only 70p? Not bad!
Black swans of Dawish - another favourite beach

Beach huts by Coryton Cove in Dawlish. Biggest girl wants to own one when she grows up.
Mugs of tea while the girls run around the orchard on the farm.
These trees have clearly not had the same scalping experience our little apple tree had, as there is fruit a plenty.

The lavender gardens at Buckfast Abbey. Perfect for a contemplative moment...
...or a toddler to race around. 
Favourite place for cream teas.
And sweets.
Last supper.
Favourite place for fish and chips.
Last admiring glance of the beach at Teignmouth, before heading somewhere for pudding...
Time to introduce the girls to Knickerbocker Glory.
Youngest LOVED it.
"Now, how do I reach that last bit...?"
Provider of indulgent last night desserts and...
...first morning on the beach breakfast butties. Yum.

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