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Friday, 4 May 2012

Sticky Stem Ginger Cake

Me Made May 2012 day 4, and I'm wearing my Liberty Tunic
I have been going to Fancy ever since it opened about a year ago. And, until today (thanks to my Mum for allowing me to share some of hers), I had never sampled the sticky stem ginger cake.

Apologies to any readers who are not within easy reach of Bedford, but those of you who are, my top tip for something to do this weekend is to get yourself to Fancy and treat yourselves to a slice of the ginger cake. It is divine. And, if you are not a fan of ginger, and don't want to go for the obvious (but firm favourite) option of chocolate brownies, then see if they have any chocolate, fig and almond cake in. 

Anyhow, there is (sort of) a sewing related reason I am going on and on about cake. Whilst having an after school `Hooray, it's Friday, and the grandparents are up for the weekend!' treat, I arranged a date with the owner, Saffron, for another charity sock monkey night - I can't wait, I can't wait! 
Here are the details:

Sock Monkey Night @ Fancy
Thursday 14th June 2012, 7 pm onwards
£10 donation here to St. John's Hospice
Bring your own socks and scissors! 

Please help spread the word locally if you can - every penny goes straight to the hospice and we are teasingly close to our target of £1000 - clicking on the Facebook button at the end of this really gets people talking about it and turning up.

Onto other things, Me Made May is proving to be a lot of fun. Boy, the other ladies (I think it's just ladies, but sorry to any men I've missed) taking part are a talented bunch, and seem to be a lovely lot with it - just further confirming my view that the world of craft is an overwhelmingly friendly and supportive one. The wish list of patterns I'd like to try continues - oh, if only there were more hours in the day...

Here I am seemingly enjoying a delightful `Yummy Mummy' moment yesterday. (Ha, ha - those who know me in real life and not just the bits of me I choose to project on my little blog, and have therefore seen me wearing sweaty running kit about the town know I am anything but a Yummy Mummy)

What you can't see in this picture is my (then) extremely grumpy toddler, sulking in the corner just in front of me. Not even the kind bribe of a lollipop from my lovely hairdresser Maria could crack a smile out of the girl. Needless to say, she was positively perky and all smiles the moment it became clear we were about to leave the torture chamber she had been so cruelly subjected to for half an hour.

I really enjoyed wearing this dress as a casual number. Wish I'd done it more often, rather than categorising it in my mind as dressy and only for special occasions.

Oh, and the rain continues.


  1. I love the tunic - just wish I was nearer to that cake!

  2. Thanks! I promise to have a slice in your honour next time I'm passing. Selfless act.