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Friday, 11 May 2012

The Party Bag Factory

Last Saturday afternoon, I had a lovely time with my Mum - sewing up some party bags, ready for a little girls' tea party. It was good fun - as you can tell from the picture, we took regular tea and cake breaks, and, by the end of it, had a pile of pretty party bags to show for our efforts. Thanks, Mum!

The party bags we made were based on some given to my children by my friend Clare - these were one of her first ever sewing projects, and, two years on, they are still being used in shopping games around the house, and a favourite accessory to cart around all the many random items that small children like to cart around when going out.

I had bought a metre of the ice cream fabric ages ago - with no particular plans for it, other than I knew it would be a big hit with my children.

If you decide you want to make some of these little bags, then a metre of fabric is about the right amount for ten, plus a bit of contrast fabric for the handles and letters, and some Bondaweb for gluing them on. 

Super quick hair bobbles, made out of a gathered up circle of fabric,
with a button sewn on at the end.
Next up, were a couple of late additions to pop inside the bags - all made out of scraps leftover from the party bags and other projects.

Lovely buttons!

Head bands - sorry if this patronises anybody out there, but if you want them to fit children aged about four, then a 49cm by 6cm strips, followed by a 5cm strip of elastic to go in between to ends works well (and hopefully takes away the guessing work).

Love how this handy gadget speeds up the turning process...

That's about it! Now just add sweets and birthday cake...

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  1. what a lovely idea, pity my children have grown up!