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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Um, a pretty daft pose...

...taken outside Penguins Class, whilst waiting for my eldest daughter to finish school for the day. Not much else to say about this picture!

Today is a day I usually go for a run round the park with the littlest one in the buggy once the older two are at school - and, I have been known to arrive at many an afternoon pick up still in my running kit. Nice. If nothing else, Me Made May '12 will be a month long challenge to shower a bit sooner after my runs (a good thing) and encourage me to smarten up a bit.

The skirt is another shortened version of the Lisette 2211 pattern - made out of scraps leftover from this woollen pinstripe dress. The cardigan was given to me by my Mum for Christmas last year (she is a super knitter, and the reason why I am an extremely lazy one). I am wearing a pair of patent mustard coloured shoes I bought on a whim and love - they are comfortable enough to run around after children in, and really bright and fun (and not at all what I'd normally choose).

Am loving the Flickr group and seeing all the amazing hand made loveliness everyone else is wearing. Really, really inspiring. If I had to pick a couple of favourites, they'd be this one and this one - the result of which is I will almost certainly go to bed tonight and dream about making my very own Colette Patterns Rooibos dress.

I can hear the rain pattering down outside, as my thoughts turn to what to wear tomorrow...

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