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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


big button for kids clothes week challenge

Kids' Clothes Week Challenge started yesterday. The challenge is to spend an hour each day towards making clothes for your children.

I wasn't sure I'd fit an hour in yesterday - busy daytime with the children, a trip to the dentist for me, and then the start of a Handbags and Clutches Course in the evening. I did order some jersey fabric, with the intention of making one or two Flashback Skinny Tees towards the end of the week, so that kind of counts, right?

It was a nice day - even though the weather stayed pretty grim.

But pink play dough can cheer up the most disappointing of so called spring weather, right?

All thanks to the lovely Miss Cherry at pre school for giving me the recipe. (Perfect name for someone working with young children, isn't it?)

If you want to make your own, Miss Cherry told me a short cut - throw everything in a bowl, use boiling water, and stir. Took all of two minutes to make, and has happily replaced our old grey coloured dried out tubs of shop bought stuff.

Later, time to use up the chicken stock and leftovers on a lemon and chicken risotto. Wouldn't normally talk about cooking here, but this is a rare dish that pleases everyone in the family, and even includes lots of broccoli (normally a food flatly rejected by the youngest two members of the gang).

Not an old family recipe or anything - just the instructions on the back of the packet of rice from Sainsburys...

After a most enjoyable sewing class, in which we managed to find time to pause from sewing long enough to polish off the last of this cake, I was buzzing from it, and decided to do a simple bit of sewing for my eldest little girl, Sophie.

Unlike the other two, who have piles of newly inherited clothes from the loft, she genuinely needs some new clothes. I'd bought a few basic plain T shirts from Next, and asked her what she'd like on them. A monkey, was the reply.

An old dress of mine that I never wear was a nice match, along with a postcard sized scrap of pink cord

I chopped off the top of the dress, ironed and sewed a waistband
 and added a bit of elastic to make a super twirly skirt.

Doing the hand stitching on this turned out to be just what I needed to wind down ready for bed.

Let's see what the rest of the week brings. Have a look at some of the lovely things other mums around the world are making for their children.

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  1. What a lovely idea and beautiful up- and recycling on a very busy day! The colours are matching very good. I love the buttons for the eyes.

    Enim Sou.