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Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Weekend

This weekend has contained some lovely moments.

Tea and cake with friends. Taking my middle girl to one of her first birthday parties in her own right, and watching her twirl around in her (big sister's) sparkly skirt and loving every minute. And then, joining her for the okey cokey, and actually enjoying it almost as much as her. Then, later, a yummy grown up takeaway from our favourite Chinese restaurant.

Today, our first family trip of the year to the nature reserve to hunt for frogs spawn, followed by a quick burst on the swings at the park. More tea and cake with friends. Then a laid back afternoon, including a Pingu DVD, play dough, re-enacting ballet lessons (including wearing full uniforms of pink leather shoes, lilac leotard and skirt by both older girls, and an improvised kit consisting of an Ariel costume for the youngest) and (for me) some sewing. All rounded off with a roast, and now, the smell of chicken stock bubbling away as I type.

Sewing, you say? Forgive me for the smugness, but I managed 3 hours of sewing this afternoon, whilst my little girls pottered around. Strange as it may seem, this probably wouldn't have been nearly as manageable if only one was around the house at the time. In fact, it wouldn't have happened. But somehow, something about today meant everyone was pretty contented, doing what they wanted to do. The older two flopped for a bit whilst their little sister slept, and then, recharged, and under the leadership of The Chief Inventor of Games, played and played and played. Today this happened largely (and most unusually, I should add) without argument.

While this was going on, I sat at the kitchen table - listening to it all, and sewing. Growing up, I always wanted a sister (as opposed to the stinky older brother I actually had), and this afternoon it hit me that my own little girls were enjoying some of the blissful things I had imagined when I wanted a sister all those years ago.

So I feel the need to document this. Who knows, maybe I'll read this and smile and think, "They can do it (get along nicely, that is)", the next time they are shoving each other over and fighting over toys.

Cotton lawn bought at the fabric show at the NEC - have no idea of who designed this print! 
What a lot of waffle. Sorry folks. Onto the sewing.

I cut the pieces out last night - after the Chinese. It was either that or fall asleep on the sofa after all the yummy food. So instead, I crouched on the carpet, cutting out, whilst at the same time attempting to concentrate on a film.

This is my third Jasmine top. I am definitely getting quicker. I sewed this one up this afternoon in 3 hours start to finish (not that I was timing myself or anything, but you know I was), including plenty of stops to help the youngest make play dough hair, and a few requests for squash and to be the audience for various ballet performances. I think those stoppages are the equivalent to all those London Marathoners today, and the wait they had to get across the start line meaning their official chip time ends up being shorter than the one on the clock. I bet my Jasmine top PB could be twenty minutes quicker without children around. He, he.

I love it. And, I love the fact it will now forever be associated in my mind with a gloriously easy afternoon of three young sisters just pottering about and enjoying each other's company.

I don't love the thunder and lightening that was going on as I took this picture. Boo to freezing cold weather making a come back, especially after the optimists amongst us have already swapped the winter clothes into the loft to make room for summer stuff.


  1. What a lovely post! I am looking forward to a time when my 2 can play like that, but at 9 months and 23 months that seems a long way off! Thanks for the sock monkey evening, I really enjoyed it.Which nature reserve did you go to? Was it Priory Park? I am looking forward to having a go at one of your courses soon. ANNA

  2. Thanks, Anna. Glad you enjoyed sock monkey night - I'll be putting the gallery up on here later in the week once I've got a few more pics in.
    The ages yours are at is a busy busy period - but utterly lovely once they reach the stage they can play together (probably about a year or so away?).
    The nature reserve is tucked in between some houses on Park Road North - you'd walk straight past it if you didn't know it was there. But really nice - and has a secret garden, too. Hope you enjoy it!
    Janet x

  3. Very nice. I just ordered this pattern and hope my version is as nice as this.

  4. Man does that cake look good!! I must go rustle up something sweet!

    Is the okey cokey the same as the hokey pokey?

    That is a beautiful top, such lovely fabric.