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Friday, 27 April 2012

Cloud Hopping Tee

It has been miserable weather all week.

I've not felt much like sewing, either. Yesterday, I realised it had been a full four days since the post lady had delivered a parcel packed of wonderful jersey goodies, and I thought I just had to do it. It was time to brave the over locker again. And what better pattern to start with than Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee?

It was pretty easy. The instructions were excellent, and the whole process went without a hitch. This is a rare thing for me, I tell you, when trying a pattern out for the first time. Admittedly, there is a bit of wonky stitching on the hem at the bottom (which I really cannot be bothered to unpick), but who's looking? I was able to comfortably get a top for my five year old out of half a metre - and, I think I may be able to wangle a smaller version of the same pattern out of what remains of the piece. We'll see. That would be a nice bonus, though. Like a Buy One Get One Free deal at Boots (and Sang knows how much I like those). Definitely worth a slice of Smug Cake if it happens.

Anyhow, I blame Rae for this latest bout of impulse fabric shopping. I'd mentioned I envied the seemingly vast choice of jersey fabrics there are over the pond - and she promptly responded by recommending Kitschy Coo to me. The internet is indeed a brilliant and dangerous thing, particularly when it comes to funky fabrics and plastic.

I'd been dubious about the price of the jersey I was about to order, but, when they arrived, I was gleeful. I think if it were possible for clothes to make the sun shine, then things made with these prints would do it. At the very least they will make us all smile. The weight is really good, too - and, for once, I followed the proper order of things, and washed the jersey before sewing with it, and I am still very pleased with quality of the product. 

Sophie beamed when she saw her new top, and wanted to wear it straight away. She then kept stroking it and saying how soft and nice it felt, and could she wear it all the time, please. Success. (And just the right amount of positive reinforcement to get her a few more like it before the weekend is out - she knows me well.)


  1. this is darling! It just jumped out of the KCWC flickr pool. I made my first two flashback tees this week, love that pattern!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love this! Xxx

  3. Ah, thank you! And I squeezed a second smaller version out of what was left of those lovely clouds, so my littlest girl gets to match her biggest big sister (which she will LOVE).

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous and I'm so grateful of the tip off for Kitschy Coo!

    Have you by any chance found any other good UK sources of cotton jersey? It's well-nigh impossible, I find.