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Thursday, 1 December 2011

The List

It's December! And I don't even have an advent calendar sorted out yet... largely because I've spent the last couple of weeks kidding myself I'd one like this instead of the usual chocolate ones I pick up at the supermarket.

Anyhow, onto The List of handmade stuff I am going to try and conjure up in time to give to family and friends this Christmas. Having written one on paper that was way too unrealistic to fit in with family life, I've shoved it in a drawer and come up with a new one in my head - and it has just three names on it. For the record, it might have been four, but husband gave a loud snort when I ran my idea of making him some pyjama bottoms past him.

So, in no particular order, first up is the middle girl. She loves elephants. And has been heard on more than one occasion over the last few days to say she'd like Father Christmas to bring her a stuffed elephant to cuddle. With a `blankie'. This has been confirmed beyond all reasonable doubt (fickle change with the wind whims of small children aside) by watching her delighted response to a personal message from the chap in the red suit himself, informing her she'd be getting an elephant for Christmas. Incidentally, parents of small children who have yet to cotton on to the motivational powers of this, I can highly recommend it. I felt a slight guilt at the element of blackmail involved, but that soon passed.

My inner Super Sewing Mum was THRILLED upon finding out she wanted an elephant toy. Oh yes. A toy I can MAKE. Or, try and make. We may yet be heading to buy one if the one I come up with is rubbish.

Because, I have decided to take a bit of a risk here. And design my own pattern. This is something I read other bloggers refering to all the time, like it is as easy as making a cup of tea. So, why not, I thought. Not for my little girl any old elephant toy. Oh, no. I'd initially found a lovely pattern, but it only has two legs, and I'd like to try and make one that is a bit more three dimensional than that.

So, last night - whilst listening to Nick Robinson talk about tax  (it was surprisingly interesting - honest), I sketched out some elephant profiles, and then had a go at working out how to turn it into pattern pieces.

I can tell you it took me a lot more effort than making a cup of tea. Just as well I've had fun in the process, as I probably could have saved myself the effort and exchanged all of about a fiver for a kit complete with fully functioning pattern and fabric.

If, when I try making the elephant I think I've designed, it actually looks nothing like an elephant, I promise to show you it anyway for amusement value. Before heading to the shops for a toy that my child will automatically identify as an elephant, and will love just the same.

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