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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Puddings and Owls

Last night I had a go at making a couple of the tree decorations from my sheet of designs (scribbles) that I have been adding to over the course of this week.

The puddings are made out of a woollen tank top of mine I had accidentally shrunk some time ago. 

(This is not the first time I have been guilty of ruining knitwear, although, admittedly, it is usually that of my husband's. So, should you see me sporting a `new' brown jumper this winter, please don't compliment me on it in front of him. The resizing of his favourite jumper remains a sore subject.)

But, every cloud has a silver lining, and all that. And in this case, it comes in the form of festive decorations. 

Part of the fun of making small things like these, is feeling at liberty to experiment and play with ideas. Instead of using felt for the holly and berries, I decided to try bonding two pieces of fabric together (with Bondaweb) as a way of achieving a material that would be stiffer and not fray.

Onto the next design. Owls. Just in case you - like my husband - were wondering. "Well, if I knew they were birds, then I would have guessed they were owls," he said. My three children did not have the same problem as him, and immediately wanted to play with them. Perhaps he is still bitter over the jumper.

I think these little owls are sweet, and they will definitely be going on our tree this year. I want to fiddle with the proportions a bit, and so am toying with some all white snowy versions in soft brushed cotton with pearl beads for the eyes for the next version - what do you think?

Not sure if they'll make the cut for the Christmas Workshops yet - we'll see how the other designs look when I make them!

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