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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Christmas Workshops

Whilst up in the loft last week, I came across this Christmas bunting.

Don't worry - I realise what date it is, and am not about to hang it up. Yet. (But as soon as its December, you can guess what I'll be doing whilst waiting for my porridge to cool...)

This bunting is probably my favourite thing that I made last year. At the risk of sounding too much like Kirstie, I think that part of the joy of having your own house and family is about starting traditions that are personal to you. And sewing definitely plays a big part in helping this along. 

Some of the materials I used were recycled linens from old curtains, and others were purposely bought prints and other bits and pieces from the local sewing shop.

Part of the joy of having this kind of decoration is that it lasts, as it can be washed, ironed and used again. And so I don't need to make any more this year. 

Tree decorations waiting to be made - fabrics from FabricRehab
But I think I'd like some new tree decorations... a bit like thesethesethese, these and these, and... well, you get the idea!

So, who'd like to come to a Christmas workshop? I'm thinking beautiful fabrics and trimmings, mince pies, and maybe even some mulled wine. All you have to do it turn up and join in some festive sewing fun.

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