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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Chocolate coins

I've been holding off buying any chocolate coins to go in the miniature stockings below, for the simple reason I will eat them if I do. 

I used to get into trouble as a child for breaking the `not until Christmas Eve' rule about eating the chocolates on the tree. And since I still have little self control when it comes to chocolate, I'm not buying any for the festive season just yet. There is a reason supermarkets have signs saying "stock up early for Christmas", and I am that reason.

So, without chocolate coins inside, here's the progress so far on the tree decorations.

3 children + 2 chocolate filled stockings = argument waiting to happen
And, this has nothing to do with sewing, but records a happy moment of children fiddling about with marzipan on a Saturday afternoon. This year is definitely going to be the year to get them making marzipan fruits at Christmas.

And yes, they made sure to have some left over marzipan that ended up squished into one colour and eaten before making it on to the cake.

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