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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Baby sling

I first made a version of one of these baby slings a couple of years ago. It was a last minute sewing project just before my third baby was born, when I was worrying about how I would manage with three very young children.

I'm glad I did - it turned out to be my most handy piece of baby kit. Strapping Number Three into her sling got me out of all sorts of sticky situations - be it to stop inducing deafness with her screams half way round the weekly shop, or half way home from town when Number One was too tired to walk and an extra buggy seat needed freeing up.

I should also add it was a lovely way of going into town, hands free, when it was just me and the littlest one. I loved walking down the street with her in the sling - her tiny little face just inches away from mine. (Mental note to self not to get broody at this point.)

So, after much unpicking, here is my second attempt at making a sling. This time for a friend, who has just had a third baby.

Detailing on the storage bag for the sling - using the two fabrics featured on the carrier

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  1. As the proud owner of this new sling I can highly recommend it. I absolutely love it and its already had a lot of use. The sling looks great and its really comfortable for me and baby so I haven't used my pram yet. It such a good design the baby feels secure and its so much easier to put on than the previous one I had.